Youth Aerial Program



With an ever growing youth program, this class allows first time youth students, ages 6-17, a chance to explore aerial arts and find out if it's for them! We will move through a series of introductory movements that involve training the basic techniques, climbs, lifts, and poses on the silk as well as safety tips and proper alignment.

This class is typically offered once per month and is $20.  
The next Intro to Silks: Youth Aerial Auditions is by appointment only via private lesson as our youth program is currently full. Please contact the studio to schedule a lesson for your child @ 859.309.2361

To register please use our MindBody scheduler.


Youth ages 6-17 can enjoy 50 minute aerial arts classes in order to learn the basics of aerial acrobatics. Choose between taking 4 classes per month or 8 classes per month. This program is perfect for the student new to the aerial arts and/or the student who enjoys aerial acrobatics classes as a hobby. Click to view the schedule.

Mondays 4-4:50pm

Wednesdays 5-5:50pm

*payment must be made by first day of class


Youth ages 11-17 are eligible (with instructor approval) for the youth aerial intensive program at Sora Aerial Arts. This program is designed for students who would like to take their aerial training to a more serious level. For these students, "aerial class" is not just a hobby anymore. Students who enroll in this program will get performance opportunities in the community that other students will not, including opportunities to be in productions at local theaters, charity events and more. The students in this program are Sora's Junior Aerial Performance Company. This training program will help each student progress at an optimal level and will help each student find his/her strength, fluidity and style as a performing artist. The training in Youth Intensive is designed to help each student make progress in all aspects of being an aerial artist including strength, flexibility, endurance, stage presence & artistry. Being an aerial performer takes discipline, LOTS of hard work, creativity, and commitment!

Youth Intensive students receive:

  • 4-8 hours of skill-specific training per week
  • FREE Open training times to fine-tune and practice skills learned in class
  • 4 FREE cross-training fitness classes per month on the Sora Aerial Arts schedule
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