AERIAL ARTS, Pole Fitness, and Flexibility Instructor
Youth PRogram Director

Jessica is a seasoned, award-winning aerialist and pole artist seen performing for a wide variety of events around the nation and is the owner of Bella Forza Lexington. Jessica spends her days teaching and running her studio in Kentucky, as well as performing and choreographing aerial pieces for various dance and aerial productions throughout the region. Jessica graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education, working as a teacher in the public school system for 3 years prior to performing and teaching aerial arts full time. Some of Jessica's accomplishments include: being a featured aerial silks judge/performer/instructor at the Aerial Expo in both 2014 and 2015, being featured on national television on the Today Show for partner acrobatics, winning 1st place at the Motor City Pole Dance Competition in the Theatrics 'N Artistry Division, producing and directing sold out aerial theatrical productions in both 2015 and 2016, and being chosen as a teacher mentor in the "Born to Fly" Aerial Arts Teacher Training Program alongside Rain Anya, Rebekah Leach, Julianna Hane, and Sarah BeBe Holmes. Jessica currently performs for a wide variety of events including corporate events, festivals, nightlife entertainment, weddings, church & holiday services, and has been cast is several dance theatre productions such as 'Cabaret', 'Romeo & Juliet' and 'Titus Andronicus'. 

As an artist, Jessica is personally inspired by expressive art, energized by the process of creation, and motivated by the challenge of exploring original and unique movement patterns in the air. As a teacher, Jessica puts a large focus on building strength & flexibility technique with her students along with innovative teaching practices in order to ignite passion and creativity that lies within every single one of her students. Jessica has completed multiple levels of Aerial Arts Teacher Training with one of the most inspirational aerial duos in the business, The Paper Doll Militiain the "Born to Fly" program and continues to train with the best professional aerialists and contortionists from all over the world to continue honing her craft.


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Aerial arts Instructor

Laura grew up playing soccer, tennis, and running, and continues to be active in these sports. Her transition to aerials was by coincidence, but she instantly fell in love with the combination of strength and beauty that silks provides. She believes that aerials give her new challenges as she focuses on improving her flexibility, stamina, and confidence as a performer. She emphasizes balance in her personal fitness and attributes aerial fitness as giving her the equilibrium she was looking for. She is enthusiastic to be a part of Bella Forza’s team imparting her love of aerials onto new students!  

Aerial fitness has become a huge part of Laura’s life. She has trained on a variety of circus apparatuses including silks, Spanish web, lyra, and trapeze. She is thrilled to be using these skills to perform in her first circus in Louisville this spring. Laura loves being airborne in all its forms, in addition to aerials as she is also a pilot and has a hard time keeping her feet on the ground!







Dance, barre, piyo, and pole Fitness Instructor

Karen started dancing at a young age and has nearly 20 years experience in dance and choreography. Her credits include college dance teams at Morehead State and University of Kentucky as well as Lexington Lady Legends. She has been teaching fitness pole dancing for over 5 years and was recently certified in both PiYo and Barre Fitness! Karen is thrilled to teach at Bella Forza Fitness as she gets to combine all her favorite passions in one studio!




Yoga Sculpt Instructor (RYT)

Mandy is not only a Massage Therapist and Yoga instructor, but her unstoppable curiosity for full being wellness has carried her forward. Growing up in the Baltimore, MD area, Mandy’s east coast flare for life is a dynamic additive to her massage & yoga practice.  Her ability to be direct, yet empathetic to your spiritual needs make for an unstoppable aid in your quest for body, mind, and spirit well being.  


For a surprising twist, Mandy played Ice Hockey. This complements her ability to work with Athletes, plus understanding different personalities and personal needs.  She is currently monkeying around and expanding her strength training though Aerial Silks classes! She has also been the head training coach for Orange County Roller Girl’s “fresh meat,” is passionate about scuba and free diving.  Always looking for ways to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically Mandy fully understands the complexities of life. Come join Mandy for a Yoga session or class. It is guaranteed that you that you will feel relaxed, revived, and enlightened by her unique style of connecting and tailoring the class for you.  


Get Low! & Hardcore abs Instructor

Michelle has discovered through personal weight loss and engagements with the community she serves, that improving your fitness is more than fitting into certain clothes or seeing a number on a scale. In order to be prepared for life's opportunities, she believes strength, flexibility, endurance, and confidence are absolutely necessary. These elements of health and wellness have positive effects on an individual's life that extend far beyond how many push-ups you can do or how fast you can run a mile. They open the door to a variety of opportunities and allow you to face those opportunities with confidence. 


Michelle know that sometimes the most difficult part is getting started so all you have to do is show up! She  focuses on functional fitness through exercises that will require minimal equipment and are therefor easily accomplished anywhere and by anyone. Set healthy goals, commit, and come enjoy results while developing fantastic friendships. You can do it and there is no reason not to start today. 



Lis is 30 years old; a wife and mother first and always. Lis had her first taste of yoga 11 years ago. Since then she has tried many different fitness classes and activities and was certified in many of them but she always returned to yoga as a base. She recently completed her 200 hour RYT certification through Yoga Allicance. She enjoys acro and partner yoga.

She is an avid aerial apparatus adventurer. She loves trying out new ways to fly. Her favorites are silks and lyra. Since discovering aerials, she says her life is complete!





aerial arts INSTRUCTOR

Charity has participated in many different sports over the years but she truly fell in love with aerial fitness on day one. She has participated in aerial fitness since 2011 starting with pole fitness and now she trains heavily in Aerial Silks and Lyra. She is happy to be able to share her passion with others and currently instructs students in beginner and intermediate Aerial Silks and Lyra. As a nurse, health is very important to her and Charity is excited to be able to promote the health of the community through fitness! Charity loves the empowerment and confidence that aerial fitness provides and believes that you will too!

Charity has completed the NECCA Introduction to Teaching Aerials course and the NECCA Foundation level teacher training in Aerial fabric. She seeks to continue her training through NECCA and pursue her certification. Charity is also working toward her certifications in beginner and intermediate levels in Lyra from Spin City Aerials.

Charity also enjoys performing and competing in aerials. She has competed in several Aerial Silks and Lyra competitions and has performed aerials at events locally. In June of 2015, Charity placed 2nd in the Lyra- level 2 juniors division at the Southern Pole Championships. In August of 2015, Charity won the advanced Lyra division at the Aerial Expo. She received the Medal of Excellence, the Medal of Artistry, and the Medal of Technique in the Advanced Lyra division.





Throughout Ashlee’s childhood she struggled to find activities that suited her personality until finally she found snowboarding. From there her venture into less known avenues began. Health and fitness became very important aspects of her life and she loves sharing those with others - especially all the fun ways to do it!

Ashlee first found flight through rock climbing. After graduating from the University of Kentucky with her B.A. in International Relations she went into the wild, living in her tent at Miguel’s (a pizza and rock climbing shop) in the Red River Gorge. Not long after returning to civilization she found flight in the city too through Bella Forza and has since trained under Jessica and various other professionals in the disciplines of aerial arts, partner acrobatics, yoga, flexibility, and contortion training. In her spare time she enjoys training aerials & contortion, partner acrobatics, yoga, and playing with her dog Roux.




Buti Yoga Instuctor

A native of Berea, KY and avid outdoorswoman, Bethany has always led an active lifestyle.  She has over 10 years of experience in ballet, tap and jazz, as well as many years playing soccer and tennis.  She has also had ongoing love affairs with yoga and whitewater kayaking for many years.  When Bethany found Buti yoga, it changed her life.  She was so inspired that she became an instructor in fall of 2013 so she could share Buti yoga with other women.  Bethany feels passionately about the guiding force behind Buti yoga, which is to empower women and provide them with a total mind-body transformation.





HOOP DANCE instructor

Brittany is a native of Lexington, KY where she currently resides with her husband and their 3 cats. Looking for a fun way to stay active and relieve stress, Brittany discovered hoop dance and immediately fell in love! In addition to the fitness and stress relieving benefits of hooping, Brittany has discovered a new avenue of personal expression that she finds deeply rewarding. Brittany has attended many hoop classes and workshops and learned from lots of great instructors. Most recently she has worked closely with her hoop dance mentor in a teacher training program. Brittany loves the community at Bella Forza and is thrilled to get to share her passion for hoop dance.








pole DANCE instructor

All it took was one pole class and Sam knew she had discovered a new love! She has been practicing pole fitness for around 4 years now. Sam sees pole fitness as empowering and so much fun; she loves to share her passion for pole with everyone and is excited to begin her journey as an instructor. Sam is currently a nurse working on her Nurse Practitioner Degree!







Amberly Simpson began her performance career in figure skating and musical theatre, but ultimately transitioned to dance, which she has been studying for the past 12 years.  Her training includes styles such as modern dance, ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, partnering, improvisation, cheerleading, and pole dance and she has performed and/or showcased her choreography all over the United States as well as internationally.  A recent graduate of Purdue University where she danced with the Purdue Contemporary Dance Company, Amberly hopes to continue her study of aerial dance and ultimately to form a modern dance company that fuses aerial and modern dance techniques.



Brooke Elaine Anderson was born dancing. Since very young, she trained in classical ballet and dreamed of becoming some sort of explorer-ballerina hybrid. Somewhere in the middle of these aspirations, she found yoga, or yoga found her. After college, yoga became a way to heal, stay healthy, and most importantly, connect to parts of herself and story she had lost. A couple of years later, she completed her 200 Hour Power Vinyasa certification through Corepower Yoga. Her continuing education has included Yin Yoga and Yoga Sculpt, and she currently has the privilege of working full-time as an instructor. Her passion is empowering women to give their bodies a voice and to move with freedom, clarity, and creativity. Her dance background heavily influences her yoga, and her own journey of healing from trauma and PTSD make her a passionate advocate for women on the path to wholeness. She loves her partner, Tony, and her little kitty, Wynter. The only thing she loves more than the aforementioned things is Harry Potter.





Samantha Lynn began poling in 2010 as an item to cross of her "Before I turn 30" bucket list. Like most pole students she quickly became addicted, cross-training in other forms of freestyle dance and flexibility training, performing in numerous showcases in Atlanta and Lexington, and eventually competing and placing second in the Amateur group in the Michigan Pole Festival in 2014. She's been teaching beginners to pole, twerk, and slither around on the floor for the past several years. She took a brief hiatus to become a mom, and now she's back to help her students. She loves the sensual side of poling and encourages women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and athletic abilities to find their inner sexy.








Petyon's passion for yoga began when her mother brought her to a class and she instantly fell in love with the peace she received on the mat. Petyon recently completed her SPYTT (RYT 200) in January with Matthew Higdon at Centered in Lexington, KY. She has practiced 1,000+ hours of various yoga styles including: Ashtanga, Yin and Yang, Subtle Power, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, and Bikram. Her style is spiritural and focuses on connecting the body with the breath. She loves to see her students grow and aids growth with proper alignment.




Courtney became interested in pole dance after watching a YouTube video in her college dorm room of Felix Cane competing in Miss Pole Dance Australia. She was absolutely blown away at the athleticism, grace, and beauty displayed in the routine. From that moment on, she swore she would one day get into pole dance. Upon graduation from college, Courtney wasted no time in keeping that promise to herself. She started taking classes in 2012 and has recently started taking her training very seriously.  After going to her first competition in May 2016, the performance bug bit. She loves the exhilaration of being in the spotlight and continues to train for pole competitions and partake in showcases any chance she gets.


Jessica K

Jessica started ballet and tap at the age of four, soon finding gymnastics and beginning her long love affair with the tumbling world. At 7 she added baseball to the list and pursued both sports into high school, joining the CATS Allstar cheerleading competition team and playing varsity softball. After high school she continued to compete through coaching competition teams. During this time she began her career in cosmetology and now works at Fleet Street Hair Shoppe.

Needing an outlet for fitness  Jessica began running, entering several races and half marathons until she sustained a knee injury. It was then that she discovered her passion for yoga. Experiencing the healing benefits and spiritual side, she decided to take her knowledge further and teach. She also rock climbs and enjoys lifting weights. Her newest adventure has been aerial silks and she has fallen in love with this powerful and graceful art form. Dedicating most of her time these days to yoga and silks, she is excited to share her passion for yoga and fitness with you!


Amy Meyer


Amy started taking classes at Bella Forza in the Spring of 2014.  She loved the silks and was excited when Lis began teaching aerial yoga.  Searching for a way to help others find the mental clarity she found through yoga, Amy completed her yoga teacher training at the Om Place in 2016.  She is delighted to rejoin the Bella family as an aerial yoga instructor!  She is the Marketing Director for Red River Gorge Zipline and Cliffview Resort. When not teaching or working, Amy enjoys running, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.