The Aerialist's Christmas List

Once you start flying in the air with the greatest of ease, it's very typical that it quickly becomes the highlight of your day. Soon it's all you think about. Most times, items start popping up on Birthday and Christmas lists to help the aerialist become more prepared and most fashionable for training. This "Aerialist Wish List" is the perfect gift-giving guide to share with your gifters or your aerialist friend or family member! You will be sure to please this holiday season with a present to help that special someone along in his/her aerial journey.

The Aerialist Christmas Wish List:

1. FUN Leggings:

Leggings and/or tight running pants are essential for any aerialist, or even for those who participate in Aerial Yoga (aka Supspension Yoga, anti-gravity Yoga). Everyone most likely already has a pair of black leggings...but c'mon, you're dressing for aerial class not a funeral! Some great places to find fun leggings are from Blackmilk Clothing, IndieFashionMarketplace, Dancewear Solutions, and Discount Dance Supply. But if you really want to dress to impress, check out Womack and Bowman's exclusive Aerial Onsie that is both fashionable and practical (no more silk burns, yay!).

2. Grip Aid

Cramer's Firm Grip or Rosin will get the job done for days when your hands are a bit too sweaty or your grip is a bit too tired. All aerialists, budding, professional, or casual, should always have some kind of grip on hand at all times! 

3. At-home pull-up bar

Pull ups are by far one of the best exercises to improve strength for aerial fitness. You can find very reasonably priced pull-up bars online if you do a little bit of searching. Not only are pull-up bars useful for pull-ups, but also to improve grip strength, forearm strength, and core strength (leg lifts while hanging are a KILLER!). This is a great gift for someone trying to improve his/her strength in order to make faster progress in the air.

4. Foam Roller

Let's face it, aerial fitness is not easy. It makes your muscles work super hard, maybe harder than any other type of workout has ever pushed you. Foam rolling your muscles before and after aerial class will work WONDERS on your muscles. Your body will thank you for this, trust.

5. A gift certificate to the aerialist's favorite aerial training studio!

What better to satiate the aerialist's wants, needs, and desires than a gift certificate to their aerial studio?! Doing what you love AND saving money...what could be better?


I know I've either asked for, received, or purchased for myself all of these items. So what are you waiting for? Make that aerialist in your life a happy flying ninja!

Stay Fit and In Flight,