The X - Thursday Tutorial

To get into “The X” you must first be able to successfully do a double foot lock and be able to pull the fabrics apart when the fabrics are tight, creating a good size hole (this does require some arm strength). Once these prerequisites are mastered, this move is quite simple, and can lead into many other beautiful and creative movements. The most important aspect of successfully and comfortably doing The X is to make sure the fabrics are crossed in your lower back. This is especially important when going into a Crossback Straddle.


This week's tutorial shows you how to get into The X, then invert into a Crossback Straddle. There are many other poses you can move into from the X such as the splits, a knee hang, an ankle hang, etc. Pushing the “X” down to your knees will allow you to do a knee hang and pushing the fabrics down to your ankles will allow you to do an ankle hang. Neither the knee hang or ankle hang are shown in the tutorial, but keep an eye out for exactly how to execute these poses. Good luck with this move :)

Stay Fit and In Flight,