Thursday Tutorial: Arabesque


The Arabesque pose is a beautiful pose that is very well-known in the dance world. It has the dancer balancing on one foot while the other leg is kicked out to the side with the arms in an "L" position. 

An Arabesque on the aerial silk is very beautiful as well. It requires twisting your body around the silk and balancing your weight evenly through the fabric. Of course, instead of balancing on the ground, one foot is wrapped in a foot lock. 

You can do the Arabesque in a basic foot lock (with both fabrics together) or in a single foot lock. Get creative and put sequences of poses together as you learn! 


Watch this Aerial Silks Arabesque Tutorial for some great tips on executing this move successfully. The tutorial demonstrates just 2 versions of the Arabesque from a basic foot lock, however here are countless other ways to do an Arabesque on the fabric. This is the most basic...good luck and make it yours. 

Stay Fit and In Flight,