Tuesday Tunes 10/15/13

Here is a playlist for you to put on at home when doing your flexibility training. Bella Forza Fitness has a flexibility training class once a week, however that is not enough to improve your flexibilty. BFF's Flexibility training class is meant to give you ideas on what stretches to do at home in order for you to improve/maintain flexibility.

In order to maintain your current flexibility level, you should be stretching 3 times per week. If you want to improve your flexibility level, you should have 5 stretching sessions per week. It takes a lot of dedication and patience, but the reward will come. I recommend taking pictures of your progress weekly so you can see where you started and how much improvement you're making, whether you're aiming to get a flat front split, middle splits, scorpion, or to get a super bendy back. Document your flexibilty journey!

When I am flexibility training I like to listen to soothing, slow-paced music to remind myself to relax and breathe deeply. Here's a playlist you can listen to during your stretching sessions...Enjoy! 


Stay Fit and In Flight,