Aerial arts and fitness is gaining national attention in the fitness industry and the general public as a legitimate and amazing workout regimen since being exposed on television shows such as The View, The Doctors, and Pink at the Grammys. Bella Forza Fitness offers an aerial program that provides a fun and challenging way to work out for people from all walks of life. Whether you are an aspiring performer or someone looking for an alternative workout program, Bella Forza Fitness can inspire and motivate you to be your strongest self and help you discover your beautiful strength! 


In the past aerial silks were only seen in circus performances and the art was kept a secret from the public. Now you have the opportunity to learn a new and challenging skill, get in great shape, and have tons of fun all while exercising.

An aerial silk, also known as aerial fabric, tissu, and chiffon, is an apparatus made of synthetic nylon fabric with the center of the fabric attached to a rig point from the ceiling. The act of aerial silks involves a person performing poses, wraps, and drops in the air on the silk. Aerial dance and acrobatics is an art form that is incredibly challenging, exhilarating, and beautiful all at the same time. Becoming a master aerialist is a process that takes much practice, determination, and skill. Every person is different and will move at a different progression rate depending on his/her current strength level and amount of practice time he/she puts in.


Pole fitness & acrobatics is respected internationally as an extremely challenging sport and art that is increasing its popularity in the mainstream fitness world. (Pole Fitness was the most recent sport to be added to the Arnold Sports Festival!) It is our mission here at Bella Forza to change the mindset of the community to view pole in a positive light; to reveal the realities of the strength and beauty that is the art of pole. Pole Fitness develops amazing strength, flexibility and endurance making it hands down one of the best functional fitness programs out there. Creating a pole performance is a great avenue for self expression, allowing you to incorporate various styles of dance with gymnastics and aerial skills to create amazing movement art. Whether you're looking for a fun way to get in shape, something to motivate you, or an outlet for creative self expression, pole fitness may be the perfect fitness regimen for you!

Benefits of Aerial Fitness

  • Get an incredible workout, lengthening and strengthening your body at the same time
  • Develop incredible upper body strength (without even trying to!) by lifting, pulling, and climbing on the silk
  • Develop an extremely strong core by through the many poses, balances, and lifts when using the silk
  • Get the ability to stretch deeper without experiencing strain because the silk supports part of your body weight
  • Work more of the body at once because weight is distributed throughout multiple working points
  • Improve balance through use of the constantly moving silk
  • Increase your spatial intelligence by exposing yourself to new perspectives within 3-D space
  • Experience the empowerment of being able to lift your own body weight into new poses
  • Reinforce proper body alignment, which will carry over into your everyday life, and throughout your other fitness practices